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Table of Contents of Ibn Fadlan’s Journey To Russia: A Tenth Century Traveler From Baghdad to the Volga River

Glossary of Terms and Titles

Chapter I: The Time and the Man

Chapter II: His Book and Geography

Chapter III: Translation of His Travels

The Rus
The Khazars

Chapter IV: Commentary on the Translation

The itinerary through the realm of the Caliphate
Remarks on Khwarazm
The Turkic tribes
Further itinerary of the trip
The Bulghars or Saqaliba
The Rus
The Khazars
Aftermath of the embassy

Appendix A
Other Muslim Accounts of the North
The Strange Things of Creation by Qazwini
The Tufhat al-Bab of Abu Hamid al-Mazini al-Garanati

Appendix B
General Remarks on Nomads and Conversion

Appendix C
Byzantine and Iranian Commercial Rivalry

Appendix D
Merchants in Inner Asia in Pre-Islamic Times

Appendix E
Byzantine and Sasanian Trade with Northeastern Russia

Illustration Sources
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