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Table of Contents of Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (Expanded and Updated Edition)

Introduction to the 2014 Edition

Europe in Africa on the Eve of Partition: 1884
Missionaries and Explorers in Africa Prior to the Partition
African States on the Eve of Partition: 1884
Africa in 1914

Problem I: The Partition of Africa
Robinson and Gallagher: Egypt and the Partition of Africa
Cain and Hopkins: Britain and the Partition of Africa
Darwin: Imperialism and the Victorians
Headrick: Malaria, Quinine, and the Penetration of Africa
Adas: Africa: Primitive Tools and the Savage Mind
Suggested Readings

Problem II: Colonial Rule in Africa
Lugard: Principles of Native Administration
Collins: Indirect Rule Sudan Style
Deschamps: Association and Indirect Rule
Berry: Hegemony on a Shoestring
Mamdani: Indirect Rule
Gordon: Colonial Chiefs in the Borderlands of Northern
Rhodesia and  the Belgian Congo
Suggested Readings

Problem III: Colonial Rule and Ethnic Identity
Southall: The Illusion of Tribe
Vail: Ethnicity in Southern African History
Ranger: The Invention of Tradition
Peel: The Making of the Yoruba
Hamilton: Shaka Zulu and the Limits of Historical Intervention
Suggested Readings

Problem IV: Colonialism and the African environment
Beinart: African History and Environmental History
Vail: Ecology and History: The Example of Eastern Zambia
Fairhead and Leach: Misreading the African Landscape
Mcgregor: Ecological Changes and Early Conservation Legislation
Tilley: Africa as a Living Laboratory
Suggested Readings

Problem V: African Nationalism
Fanon: African Nationalism
Ranger: Early Nationalism in East and Central Africa
Kilson: Nationalism in Sierra Leone
Berman: Nationalism and Mau Mau
Suggested Readings

Problem VI: Exploitation or Development?
Duignan and Gann: The Burden of Empire
Fieldhouse: The Myth of Economic Exploitation
Crowder: The Economic Impact of Colonial Rule in West Africa
Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
Boahen: The Colonial Impact
Austin: African Economic Development and Colonial Legacies
Suggested Readings