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Table of Contents of Historical Perspectives on Puerto Rican Survival in the United States

Preface to the 1996 Edition

Preface to the 1980 Edition

The Puerto Rican Struggle to Survive in the United States
by Clara E. Rodríguez, Virginia Sánchez Korrol and José Oscar Alers

Social Science and the Puerto Rican Community
by José Hernandez

Puerto Ricans: Between Black and White
by Clara E. Rodríguez

Economic Survival in New York City
by Clara E. Rodríguez

Survival of Puerto Rican Women in New York Before World War II
by Virginia Sánchez Korrol

Work and Family: The Recent Struggle of Puerto Rican Females
by Rosemary Santana Cooney and Alice Colón

Latin Music: The Perseverance of a Culture
by Max Salazár

Symbolic Unity: The Puerto Rican Day Parade
by Rosa Estades

The Political Behavior of New York Puerto Ricans: Assimilation or Survival?
by Dale C. Nelson

The Struggle for Local Political Control
by Luis Fuentes

Puerto Rican Barrio Politics in the United States
by Pablo “Yoruba” Guzmán

Puerto Rican Struggles in the Catholic Church
by Antonio M. Stevens-Arroyo

Puerto Rican Spiritualism: Survival of the Spirit
by Franklyn D. Sánchez