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Table of Contents of First Sultan of Zanzibar: Scrambling for Power and Trade in the Nineteenth-Century Indian Ocean

List of Maps and Illustrations
Preface to the Paperback Edition
List of Abbreviations
Note on Transcriptions and Transliterations


Chapter 1. The Western Indian Ocean Idyll
Makran: “Terra Incognita”
British Descriptions of 19th Century’s Muscat
Sub-Saharan East Africa’s Terminus
Tribes and Trade Interfaces

Chapter 2. The Maritime Routes to East Africa
Indian Merchant Communities
Why Zanzibar?
Magic East African Practices
Luxury Goods
Europeans in Zanzibar

Chapter 3. Zanzibar and Swahili Coast: Land, Power Groups, and Social Classes
Swahili Origins
Swahili Urban Landscape
Landed Property and Social Stratification


Chapter 4. The Anglo-French Rivalry: The Rise of Zanzibar (1799–1810)
Sultan bin Ahmad Al Bu Sa’id (1792–1804): The Father of the First Sultan of Zanzibar
Napoleon and the “Intercepted Letters”
Sa’id bin Sultan Al Bu Sa’id and the British Conquest of the Île de France/Mauritius (1810)
The Memoranda of J.S. Buckingham: A Portrait of Sa’id bin Sultan Al Bu Sa’id
David Vatrin and Vincenzo Maurizi, Two Italian Spies in the Indian Ocean?

Chapter 5. Slave Trade and British Abolition Policy
Ivory and Spices
The Swahili Coast and the Hinterland
British View of Sa’id bin Sultan Al Bu Sa’id

Chapter 6. The Moresby Treaty (4/22 September 1822)
United States of America and Zanzibar
Sa’id bin Sultan Al Bu Sa’id and Atkins Hamerton

Appendix—Coins in Use
Sources and Bibliography
Notes on the Index
Index of Names
Index of Places