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Table of Contents of Caribbean: Sea of the New World

Foreword to the 2003 Edition by Norman Girvan

Book I: The Golden Age
I. From the Graeco-Latin Sea to the Sea of the Caribees
II. The Tale of Christopher the Frustrated
III. Santo Domingo, New World A-Borning
IV. The Pacific, or What the Common Man Discovered
V. Democratic Stirrings Under Charles, the Melancholy
VI. El Dorado and the Fountain of Eternal Youth
VII. First Round: French Pirates and German Sharpers
VIII. The Queen of England and Her Forty Thieves
IX. El Dorado, the Beginning and the End of the Golden Age

Book II: The Silver Age
X. The Seven-Colored Archipelago
XI. The Island of Cromwell the Protector, and of Morgan the Pirate
XII. The Cockfight
XIII. Edinburgh and Copenhagen Set Their Course South

Book III: The Age of Enlightenment
XIV. Cradle Song of the Mississippi
XV. The Would-Be Gentlemen, the Encyclopedia, and the Cocked Hats
XVI. The Tale of the English Admiral and Don Blas, the Lame, the Halt, and the Blind
XVII. The Pact between the Enlightened Cousin and the Playboy Cousin
XVIII. The French Revolution and the Negroes of Haiti
XIX. Napoleon, the Creole Empress, and the Negro Emperors

Book IV: The Age of Liberty
XX. The Twilight of the Pirates
XXI. Guerilla Leaders and Filibusters in Central America
XXII. Miranda, Liberty’s Knight Errant
XXIII. Simón Bolívar’s Sea
XXIV. “Cuba Libre”
XXV. Prelude to the Panama Canal
XXVI. The Human Geography of the Canal

Epilogue to This History, Prologue to a New Life

Bibliographical Update for the 2003 Edition
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