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Table of Contents of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing

Volume I: Using Expert Systems

Volume II: Progress, Regression and New Paradigms

I. Introduction
II. Methodology
III. AI/ES in Audit Practice

Volume III: Knowledge Representation, Accounting Applications and the Future

I. Introduction
II. Knowledge Elicitation and Representation
III. Belief Nets of Bayesian Revisions
IV. Accounting Applications
V. Future

Volume IV: Towards New Paradigms

I. Surveys
II. The Neural Net Paradigm
III. International Applications
IV. Audit Applications
V. Merging Paradigm

Volume V: Creating Value with AI

I. Introduction
II. Finance
III. Accounting, Auditing and Tax
IV. Financial Decision Making Issues
V. System Quality

Volume VI: International Perspectives

I. Introduction
II. Accounting Applications
III. Finance Applications
IV. Case-based Reasoning
V. Artificial Intelligence Surveys