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Table of Contents of The Akan People in Africa and the Diaspora: A Historical Reader


The Origins of the Akan – A. Adu Boahen

The “Akan” Problem – David Kiyaga-Mulindwa

Slavery and Akan Origins? – A. Norman Klein

“Slavery and Akan Origins?” A Reply – Ivor Wilks

Reply to Wilks’s Commentary on “Slavery and Akan Origins?” – A. Norman Klein

From European Contact to the Komenda Wars: The Eguafo Kingdom During the Height of the Gold Trade – Sam Spiers

Zones of Exchange and World History: Akani Captaincies on the Seventeenth Century West African Gold Coast – Ray A. Kea

A Precolonial Political History of the Sefwi Wiawso – Oman Stefano Boni

State Formation and Intercommunal Alliances in the Gold Coast (17th to 18th Centuries) – Pierluigi Valsecchi

The Expansion of the Fante and Emergence of Asante in the Eighteenth Century – James Sanders

Asante at the End of the Nineteenth Century: Setting the Record Straight – Ivor Wilks

Slavery and Abolition in the Gold Coast: Colonial Modes of Emancipation and African Initiatives – Kwabena Opare Akurang-Parry

“My Arse for Okou”: A Wartime Ritual of Women on the Nineteenth-Century Gold Coast – Adam Jones

Archival Fragments: Ntamoba and the Political Economy of Child-Rearing in Asante – Jean Allman

Connecting with the Past, Building the Future: African Americans and Chieftaincy in Southern Ghana – Susan Benson

What’s Tourism Got to Do with It? The Yaa Asantewa Legacy and Development in Asanteman – Lynda R. Day

Diaspora Discourses – Kwasi Konadu

Asante History: A Personal Impression of Forty Years – T. C. McCaskie

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