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Table of Contents of The Akan People: A Documentary History

Contents (Emu Nsεm)
Acknowledgments (Aseda)
A Note on Style (Asεm bi)

Introduction (Nnianimu)

Part One (ɔfa a εdi kan): Indigenous Sources
1. Akan Cultural History: An Overview  
Kenya Shujaa

2. History in the Oral Traditions of the Akan
Kwame Daaku

3. History of the Gold Coast and Asante
Carl Christian Reindorf

4. Oral Historical Case Studies
Kwame Daaku, “Oral Traditions of Adanse”
Kwame Arhin, “Oral Traditions of Ahafo”
Asante Stool Histories
Agyeman Prempeh I, “The History of Ashanti Kings and the Whole Country Itself”
Oral Traditions of Denkyira: Two Views
Kwame Daaku, “Oral Traditions of Assin (Asen) and Twifo”
Dennis M. Warren and K. Owusu Brempong, “Oral Traditions of Bono-Takyiman”
John Kofi Fynn, “Oral Traditions of the Fante: Komenda and Kwamankese”
Oral Traditions of Nsoko (Bεo/Begho) Postscript: Pottery from the Begho-B2 Site

Part Two (ɔfa a εtɔ so mmienu): Exogenous Sources
5. Iberian Sources       
Eustache de la Fosse, “The Voyage of Eustache de la Fosse, 1479-1480”
Duarte Pacheco Pereira, “Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis, 1508”
Andrés Bernáldez, “Spanish Account of the Founding of the ‘Mina’ Fortress, 1515”
Afonso Gonçalves Botafogo, “Letter of Mina Governor to the Queen, 18 April 1557”
An Anonymous Portuguese Report on Mina, 29 September 1572

6. French and Dutch Sources
Jean Barbot, “A Description of the Coasts . . . , 1678-1688”
Pieter de Marees, “Description and Historical Account . . . , 1602”
Kwame Daaku and Albert van Dantzig, “Hans Propheet’s Map of the Gold Coast, 1629”
Olfert Dapper, “Description de l’Afrique, 1686”
Willem Bosman, “A New and Accurate Description . . . , 1705”
Records from the (Second) Dutch West India Company Archives
Counts of Indictment and Defense of the Negroes of Mina Contra . . . ,  May 1740
Pen and Contract, 11 October 1755
Journal and Correspondences of H. W. Daendels . . . , 1815-1817

7. German and Danish Sources
Samuel Brun, “Second Voyage to the Gold Coast, 1614”
Wilhelm Johann Müller, “Fetu, 1662-1669”
Ole Justesen, “The Relations between the Akan States and the Danish Trading Companies, 1657-1754”
Erick Tilleman, “A Short and Simple Account of the Country Guinea . . . , 1697”
Ludewig F. Rømer, “A Reliable Account of the Coast of Guinea, 1760”
Christian G. Oldendorp, “History of the Caribbean Islands, 1777”
Paul Erdmann Isert, “Journey to Guinea and the Caribbean Islands in Columbia, 1788”
Early Twentieth-Century Descriptions of Kawu (Akpafu): Two Views
Friedrich Ramseyer and Johannes Kühne, “Four Years in Ashante, 1875”

8. English Sources
William Towerson, “First and Second Voyage, 1555-1556”
William Rutter, “The Voyage of William Rutter, 1562”
John Atkins, “A Voyage to Guinea . . . , 1735”
Eighteenth-Century Royal African Company Records: Selected Excerpts
Henry Meredith, “An Account of the Gold Coast of Africa, 1812”
John Leyden, “Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa, 1817”
Thomas E. Bowdich, “Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashante, 1819”
Williams Hutton, “A Voyage to Africa, 1821”
Brodie Cruickshank, “Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast of Africa, 1853”
Dennis Kemp, “Nine Years on the Gold Coast, 1898”
The Works of Robert S. Rattray: Selected Excerpts, 1921-1927

9. Islamic Sources
Raymond A. Silverman and David Owusu-Ansah, “The Presence of Islam Among the Akan of Ghana: A Bibliographic Essay”
Nehemia Levtzion, “Early Nineteenth-Century Arabic Manuscripts from Kumasi”
Select Arabic/Ajami Manuscripts at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana at Legon

Suggestions for Further Reading
Acknowledgment of Copyrights