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Table of Contents of Afro-Jewish Encounters

Foreword, by Ali A. Mazrui
Preface and Acknowledgments:
The Africanization of an Ashkenazic Jew

Part One
Jewish in West Africa and West African in Israel 
1. Legacy of the Rabbi of Timbuktu in the Age of Al-Qaeda: An Interview with Ismaël Diadié Haïdara
2. Semitic Surprises in Sufi Senegal
3. Jewish in Muslim Black Africa
4. “Take Me to Your Leader”: A Jerusalem Story
5. Black African Muslims in the Jewish State: Lessons of Colonial Nigeria for Contemporary Jerusalem
6. Luxury Matzah
7. Reburying My Father in Africa
8. Kaddish for My Muslim Chief
9. Hanukkah in Hausaland (with Arielle P. Miles)
10. Tsadaka by the Sahara: Birth Gifts, Bar Mitzvah Projects, and the Rabbi’s Well
11. Horse Inheritance, Jewish Soul
12. Passover Reflections on a Saharan Genocide
13. The Jewishness of Nehemia Levtzion’s Legacy
14. Among the “Jubos” on the Festival of Lights
Part Two
Beyond West Africa 
15. African Judaism, Race, Romance, and My Mother: A Review of Edith Bruder’s The Black Jews of Africa and Richard Hull’s Jews and Judaism in African History
16. Notes from a Haunting Conference: Rwanda
17. Israelite in Kenya: Father-Daughter Ruminations (with Arielle P. Miles)
18. Holocaust Education in an African Museum: Reflections Following a 2002 Visit to South Africa
19. Jewish in Mauritius: From Hebrew to Hindi
20. Jews in Paradise: Indian Ocean Encounters on Réunion and Île Maurice
21. Interned and Buried: British Mauritius and the Holocaust
22. French West Indies I: The Jews File
23. French West Indies II: Aimé Césaire and My Jewish Question
24. The “White House” of Judaism: Under Renovation, New Hues May Apply
25. Ethiopian in the Negev: A Minor Rescue Story
26. Tropical Seders

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