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Table of Contents of 1959: The Year that Inflamed the Caribbean

Chapter 1: Pact with the Devil
Chapter 2: Hello Fidel
Chapter 3: Late Night Meeting with Doc
Chapter 4: The Castro Effect
Chapter 5: Caribbean Cold War
Chapter 6: Disappearing Critics; Trujillo Agents Active in Havana
Chapter 7: Chasing Zombies
Chapter 8: Let Them Starve
Chapter 9: First Plane Hijacked to Cuba
Chapter 10: Doc the Body-Snatcher
Chapter 11: Barbudos and U.S. Marines
Chapter 12: Papa Doc Is Dead?
Chapter 13: Resurrecting Papa Doc
Chapter 14: Killings that Sealed El Jefe’s Fate
Chapter 15: Algerian-Led Invasion
Chapter 16: The Bizarre Morgan Plot
Chapter 17: Catholic Church on Its Knees
Chapter 18: Return of the Sun
Chapter 19: To the Sacred Waters
Chapter 20: May I Borrow Your Saints?
Chapter 21: Love in the Time of Papa Doc