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Reviews of Space and History in the Caribbean

“The history of the Caribbean islands began long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. That is why Oruno Lara (founder of the Centre de recherches Carabes-Ameriques at the University of Paris in 1982) begins Space And History In The Caribbean with describing the Caribbean Mediterranean sea and its geodynamics. Next is an historical summation of what archaeology can reveal about ancient human settlements and civilzations of the area, including the distribution of cultural groups.

“Lara then addresses European colonialism and slavery, the eventual destruction of the slavery system, a chronological survey of the crisis of the twentieth century, and a descriptive summation of the contemporary geopolitical and geostrategic problems associated with the Caribbean. Of special note is the listing of a bibliography for additional study. Superbly written and ably presented, Space And History In The Caribbean is a welcome addition to academic library Caribbean Studies and Western History reference collections.”
Midwest Book Review

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