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Reviews of The Dominican Republic: A National History (Second Updated and Enlarged Edition)

“In this latest edition of his classic text, historian Frank Moya Pons updates his exhaustive survey of the Caribbean nation. Already the authoritative source on Dominican history, the third edition includes new text on the financial and political crises that have plagued the country since 1994. While the updated material will be of most interest to scholars in the field, the earlier chapters covering the first 500 years of the country’s history remain highly relevant to those new to the subject. As a political and economic history of the Dominican Republic, this book has no rival. Moya Pons spares no detail in his description of the country’s numerous electoral conflicts and its extreme financial cycles…this book will undoubtedly remain the most complete work on the topic for years to come.”
— Jesse Lerner-Kinglake, Independent Researcher, London

“Frank Moya Pons is the best-known contemporary Dominican historian. The author of many books and articles, he is a recognized scholar both at home and abroad. Moya Pons’ latest book is based on his well-known Manual de historia dominicana (1992) … But his new book is more than a simple translation of the old classic; it is a revised and expanded edition, with new sections, detailed historical maps, and a comprehensive bibliographic essay.

“The book follows two parallel historical tracks. On the one hand, it is divided into thematic chapters that examine the distinct political periods in the country’s history, such as the Spanish, French, Haitian, and U.S. occupations and the several periods of self-rule. On the other hand, it pursues a socioeconomic history by establishing links, when pertinent, between socioeconomic conditions and political developments. Another notable feature of the book is that it examines contemporary events up to 1990. This remains the standard Dominican history textbook, in both English and Spanish. The general reader will find in this book an agreeable, clearly written history of the Dominican Republic, while the experienced scholar will find an indispensable reference.”
Hispanic American Historical Review