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Reviews of From Marxism to Judaism: Collected Essays of Will Herberg

“Will Herberg was a scholar of Promethean accomplishments. He found his own way, having traversed many ideological and philosophical worlds. The voyage, and the character, made his informed writings intensively interesting.” — William F. Buckley, Jr.

“Herberg was one of the most interesting Jewish intellectuals of the last half-century.” — Commentary

“Herberg argues for increased religious identity and a greater role for religion in public life. Particularly thoughtful.” — Library Journal

“A judicious selection. The lesson to be drawn is not how Christian was Will Herberg, but how Jewish is Christianity. There are many, mainly younger Jewish scholars advancing the arguments of which Herberg was once the lonely champion. With rare exceptions, the arguments in the present collection might have been written yesterday.” — National Review

“Scrupulously honest.” — Conservative Judaism

“Judiciously selected and perceptively introduced, these essays remove all doubt concerning Herberg’s stature as one of America’s most searching and provocative Jewish thinkers. He deserves the renewed attention of all scholars concerned with religion—and theology—in America.” — Religious Studies Review

“A powerful account of Herberg’s personal intellectual transition points.” — Midwest Book Review