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Reviews of Clemente! The Enduring Legacy

“The narrative of the book, which is encyclopedic in its treatment of its subject as a baseball star, family man and stalwart champion of civil rights, is based on Clemente’s philosophy, which in his own words was: ‘Any time you have an opportunity to make things better and you don’t, then you are wasting time on this Earth.'”
Star Ledger Newark

Clemente! The Enduring Legacy is an anthology of memories, testimonies, and tributes to Roberto Clemente, the first Latino baseball superstar, who perished in 1972 when his plane crashed while he attempted to fly relief supplies to earthquake sufferers in Nicaragua. Clemente’s legacy is not only one of exceptional skill in the sport of baseball, but also true heroism. Clemente advocated civil rights, listening to others, and inspiring others; the nobility of his character shines through in this enriching and rewarding collection that honors his efforts, and his example. Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review / Bookwatch

“Wagenheim, author of two books about Puerto Rico and ex-ballplayer and sportswriter, is the right man to perform the essentially serious task of bringing the real Roberto Clemente closer to many fans.”
Publishers Weekly