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Reviews of A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs

“A unique document. … Thanks to Willie Lee Rose’s instructive introduction, Taylor’s work is placed in a deserving historical context.”
The Women’s Review of Books

“A book of many surprising rewards and pleasures. It was a delight to read.”
— C. Vann Woodward, Yale University

“In her reflections on the condition of blacks in 1902, the year the memoirs were originally privately published, Taylor’s writing is at its strongest and most vivid as she decries the betrayal of the freedom and equality blacks and whites had fought for in the Civil War. Included here are excellent, illuminating footnotes by Romero, a research fellow at Johns Hopkins University. Containing historical facts and analysis and quotes from other Civil War memoirs, they supply not only the historical context, but also some of the human drama that Taylor’s offering lacks. ”
Publishers Weekly

“Quite a life — and book.”
Ms. Magazine