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Reviews of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing

“Vasarhelyi’s Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing is a handbook designed to combine academic and practitioner literature that falls between accounting or auditing and computer science or knowledge engineering expert systems. A valuable resource for business graduate students majoring in MIS and/or accounting. CPA practitioners, management accountants, and researchers, it would be a useful addition to the library of anyone who is involved in management systems design…This book, which is the first book of specialized essays in the field, provides the reader with a logically arranged and usable handbook of artificial intelligence, decision support, and expert systems in accounting and auditing. ”

Management Accounting

“The articles provide readers with an introductory overview of artificial intelligence in accounting and auditing. For the most part, they are free of jargon, obtuse mathematics, symbolic notation, and the minute detail required for most applications. While many papers have common elements, the editor’s selections have minimized redundancy. ”

Accounting Review