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Reviews of American Colonialism in Puerto Rico: The Judicial and Social Legacy

“This important book analyzes the conviction among [many] Puerto Ricans that their stability is guaranteed by law. … It is a colonialism with rights that enjoys the consent of the colonized, thanks to the employment of certain methods of persuasion and coercion (for example, criminalizing the independence movement). The fact is that Puerto Rico has lived under norms determined by others. … Provocative, extremely well documented, and innovative in many of its approaches.”

El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico’s largest daily newspaper)

“The author places himself and Puerto Rican identity in the political and legal struggle over the status of the island. … This is a brilliant and expansive book.”

The Law and Politics Book Review

“[This book] makes an eloquent case for law as an ideological phenomenon, and for its centrality to the culture of colonialism in Puerto Rico.”

— Susan U. Philips, author of “U.S. Colonial Law and the Creation of Marginalized Political Entities”