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Reviews of Accounting for the Environment

“Gray’s book provides an excellent general introduction to the environment and business debate. The structure of the book allows the reader to either read it as a whole or to use it as an operational handbook. It is a highly accessible text, well written and with an excellent index. Three appendices support the main text and provide information on sources of advice, on further reading, and on the research process that was used to gain empirical evidence on the greening of accountancy practice. This is an excellent and stimulating presentation of some of the most important issues, consequences and challenges involved in the relationship between business and the environment. The authors have achieved their aim of providing a general introduction to the subject, combined with a practical guide for use by accountants, and they have achieved this in a text that is both easy to read and well presented. This book is an excellent value for the money, and it deserves to become a standard student text on a range of courses in both business schools and in departments concerned with environmental matters. In addition, it should occupy a prominent position on the bookshelves of those in business who are serious about their commitment to the environment. ”

— Business Strategy and the Environment

“Highly recommended reading.”

— John Elkington, author of The Green Business Guide