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Reviews of Born at the Battlefield of Gettyburg: An African-American Family Saga

Born At The Battlefield Of Gettysburg: An African-American Family Saga is an impressively in-depth, heavily researched and brutally accurate portrayal of the methods and means by which the monstrous evil of slavery was justified and perpetuated, how religion was used both as a club to keep slaves in line and as a means of self-expression for the slaves, the operation of the Underground Railroad, and much more. Riveting and highly recommended, yet also shocking in its literal, realistic portrayal of man’s historical inhumanity to man.”
— Midwest Book Review

“Fascinating and insightful.”
The Providence Journal

“A gem of a book! Rinaldi’s craftsmanship as a writer and empathy as a human being shine through on every page.”
— Allen Ballard, SUNY Albany, author of One More Day’s Journey: The Making of Black Philadelphia

“A unique approach to American history . . . a provocative and dramatic story.”
— Charles L. Blockson, Temple University, author of The Liberty Bell Era: The African American Story

“Anyone interested in understanding the devastating impact of slavery on the lives of both black and white Americans should read this book.”
— Hon. Ruth Davis, Howard University, former U.S. Ambassador to Benin