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Reviews of The Mongol Period: A History of the Muslim World

“Spuler succeeds in disciplining immense material to such an extent that the reader finds his way effortlessly through the maze of names and events. The narrative has the virtues of clarity and comprehensiveness.” — Journal of Near Eastern Studies

“The author gives a bird’s-eye view of both the Mongols and the countries with which they came [into] contact and conflict: the Great Mongol Empire (Genghis Khan and successors), the Ilkhans in Persia, the Mongols in Central Asia, Egypt’s Mamluks, Timur, India before and after Timur, the Muslims in Eastern Europe ([the] Golden Horde), the Russian domination, [and] Crimea. A condensed but comprehensive history of the Mongol period. It is invaluable as a reference work … useful to any student.” — The Journal of Asian Studies

“One of the very best works on the Mongols available today.” — Midwest Book Review