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Reviews of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity: Theological and Historical Affiliations

“The updated translation of Busse’s 1988 Theologischen Beziehungen des Islams zu Judentum und Christentum. The introduction reopens the nineteenth- and twentieth-century search for Jewish and/or Christian origins of Islam within the contemporary context of Muslim-Christian dialogue. The text maintains this dual perspective. The first sections adroitly summarize material from the Qur’an and Sirah in the light of particular points of scholarly inquiry, with range from the Meccan sanctuary and the Hanifs through the Ahl al-Kitab and then to biblical narratives. Busse skillfully wove together widely scattered Qur’anic texts and provided a coherent, scholarly synthesis. His final section brings more contemporary concerns to the fore, such as the situation of Christian minority populations in Muslim countries and various forms of Muslim missionary activity. Busse also discusses the explosion of interreligious dialogue, including attention to the large meetings in Cordova (1974) and Tripoli (1976). In his final words, Busse notes the current shift from dogma-centered dialogue to a focus on shared social teaching and action. Includes an index of Qur’anic verses and rich endnotes.”
Religious Studies Review