Subject: Women’s History

A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs
Taylor, Susie King (edited by Patricia W. Romero and Willie Lee Rose)

Subject: U.S. History

“These are the memoirs of a black woman who was born a slave, who had the good fortune to gain her freedom early in the war, with the education and ability to observe and the will to recall in later …

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African Women: A Historical Panorama
Romero, Patricia W.

Subject: African History, Women's History, Textbook

African women have made history as doctors, merchants, slaves, prostitutes, and religious leaders. In this survey of the roles women have played in sub-Saharan Africa, from the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia to the elected presidents of contemporary Liberia and …

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Annotated Index of Medieval Women
Williams, Marty and Anne Echols

Subject: World History

This is the most exhaustive bibliography in the field, compiled by two librarians who are also trained historians. Over 1,500 women who lived between 800 and 1500 C.E. are listed alphabetically, and details on nationality and brief summaries of …

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Between Pit and Pedestal: Women in the Middle Ages
Williams, Marty; Echols, Anne

Subject: European History, Women's History

“A fascinating and highly readable survey.” — Library Journal

“Crusader and concubine, laundress and troubadour, mystic and midwife and miniaturist, beguine and bondwoman and the bersatrix rocking the cradle of kings — all find their rightful place in this …

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Bitter Bonds: A Colonial Divorce Drama of the Seventeenth Century
Blussé, Leonard (translated by Diane Webb)

Subject: World History, European History, Asian History, Women's History

Book of the Year – Times Literary Supplement

In seventeenth-century Batavia, Cornelia van Nijenroode, the daughter of a geisha and a Dutch merchant in Japan, was known as “otemba” (meaning “untamable”), which made her a heroine to …

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Born at the Battlefield of Gettysburg: An African-American Family Saga
Rinaldi, Harriette C.

Subject: African American History, Women's History, History of Slavery

“Tremendous! Part history, part detective story, and wholly good.” — Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The lives of Victor Chambers—who was born on the battlefield at Gettysburg to a runaway slave and later became an artist in Providence—and …

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Hildegard of Bingen: Healing and the Nature of the Cosmos
Schipperges, Heinrich (translated by John A. Broadwin)

Subject: Europe, Religion

Hildegard of Bingen’s contemporaries called her “prophetissa teutonica,” honoring her philosophical writings and interpretation of the cosmos. Medievalists still consider her one of the leading mystics, and point to her active spiritual and artistic life in the twelfth century as …

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Lamu: History, Society, and Family in an East African Port City
Romero, Patricia

Subject: Africa, Women's History

This book depicts the history of Lamu, once an important East African port city but now known as an unspoiled tourist destination and scenic location for Hollywood movies.

Records from both the distant past and the more recent period give …

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Las mujeres toman la palabra: Escritura femenina del siglo XIX en Hispanoamérica, Tomo I
Arambel-Guiñazú, Maria Cristina and Claire Emilie Martin

Subject: World Literature

In this two-part collection, Maria Cristina Arambel-Guiñazú and Claire Emilie Martin showcase Spanish writing from women in the 19th century. The first section of this text contains a critical examination of the evolution of feminine prose at a time …

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Massacre Averted: An Armenian Town, An American Nurse, and the Turkish Army They Resisted
Super, Mary (edited by Nancy Klancher)

Subject: Europe, Middle East

Between 1920 and 1923, American relief workers managed to prevent the massacre of three hundred Armenian orphans at the hands of Turkish and Kurdish troops. One of them, a nurse, kept a diary that illuminated in dramatic detail the struggle …

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