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Islamism in Morocco: Religion, Authoritarianism, and Electoral Politics
Zeghal, Malika (translated by George Holoch)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, Religion

French Selection for the PEN World Voices Literary Festival

Winner of the PEN America-France Award

Malika Zeghal analyzes the historical roots and recent evolution of Moroccan Islamist movements in the context of a new political system …

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The Pond (La Charca): Puerto Rico’s 19th-Century Masterpiece
Zeno-Gandia, Manuel (preface by Kal Wagenheim; introduction by Juan Flores)

Subject: Caribbean, World Literature

Before the turn of the century, while the rich in Madrid, Paris and Rome capped their sumptuous dinners with sips of Puerto Rico’s exquisite black café, the anemic men, women and children who harvested the precious crop lived in squalid …

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Simón Bolívar: History and Myth
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Latin America

All over Latin America, and especially in the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez, Latin America’s liberator, Simón Bolívar, is a political idol and symbol of that continent’s new political self-confidence. The legends about him remain alive and have been the basis …

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Amistad: A Hidden Network of Slavers and Merchants
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Slavery, African History, Caribbean History, US History, African History

“This very readable book will be accessible to wide audiences, scholars specialized in slavery and Atlantic studies, and students at all levels. The story moves from the most well-known parts of this history (the Amistad case in popular history), …

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Black Rebels: African-Caribbean Freedom Fighters in Jamaica
Zips, Werner (preface by Franklin Knight; translated by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Africa, Caribbean

This book chronicles the struggles of African-Americans who escaped from slavery and developed autonomous, “maroon” societies beyond the fringes of the colonial system, demonstrating the vulnerability of colonial rule and the vitality of black resistance in the Caribbean.

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