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Consolidated Financial Reporting
Taylor, Paul

Subject: Accounting

Consolidated Financial Reporting introduces and examines what is currently the most central and controversial area in financial reporting. In an innovative and distinctive way the author integrates concepts, techniques, controversies, and current practice. Techniques are introduced within a framework that …

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A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs
Taylor, Susie King (edited by Patricia W. Romero and Willie Lee Rose)

Subject: U.S. History

“These are the memoirs of a black woman who was born a slave, who had the good fortune to gain her freedom early in the war, with the education and ability to observe and the will to recall in later …

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Vanguardia Latinoamericana
Teles, Gilberto Mendonca and Klaus Muller-Burgh

Subject: Latin America, World Literature

A collection of historical documents. Volume I covers Mexico and Latin America; Volume II, the Caribbean and Antilles.