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Modern Iran: A History in Documents
Nabavi, Negin

Subject: Middle Eastern History


Covering the period from the early nineteenth century to the present day, Modern Iran: A History in Documents brings together primary sources in translation that shed light on aspects of the political, social, cultural, and intellectual history of …

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The History of Islamic Theology
Nagel, Tilman (translated by Thomas Thornton)

Subject: Middle East, Religion

The book presents Muslim beliefs about God’s relationship to humans by drawing on relevant Islamic sources from Muhammad to modern times. In connection with the social and political history of Islam, the reader is introduced to the central ideas and …

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Al-Narshakhi’s The History of Bukhara
Narshakhi, Abu Bakr Muhammad (translated and edited by Richard N. Frye)

Subject: Middle East

Al-Narshakhi’s The History of Bukhara is unusual among histories of Middle Eastern cities because it provides a broad and perceptive overview of urban life of the time, as opposed to the standard biographies of religious leaders.

Richard Frye’s translation from …

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The Hidden Dimensions of Annual Reports: Sixty Years of Social Conflict at General Motors
Neimark, Marilyn K.

Subject: Accounting, U.S. History

Do annual reports ensure corporate accountability? Will they meet the information needs of the 21st century? No, according to Professor Marilyn Neimark. Annual reports are permeated by conflicts of interest on the part of the managements that prepare them and …

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First Sultan of Zanzibar: Scrambling for Power in the Nineteenth-Century Indian Ocean
Nicolini, Beatrice

Subject: World History

The Indian Ocean was long one of the world’s most important trade zones, controlled by Arab and Indian merchants. But in the 19th century, the British-French rivalry spilled over into the Indian Ocean. Pirates looted, adventurers sought their fortunes, and …

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The Chosen People
Nyburg, Sidney Lauer

Subject: U.S. History, World Literature

This book is the fictionalization of a true class conflict in Baltimore’s textile industry at the turn of the century. The strike around which the story is centered involved religious leaders, Christian social workers, and the local gentry.



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