The Puerto Ricans: A Documentary History 2020 Edition

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The new edition includes a combination of documents and articles   that touch upon some of the most important developments since   2006. Among those are the financial crisis that exploded in 2015 and   its consequences, Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, the exodus to   Florida, and the peaceful revolt of 2019.

An essential sourcebook for a better understanding of the Puerto   Ricans. The editors believe that their experience as a people has been   obscured by propaganda and that a subtle brand of colonialism still   endures. They prove both points. . . . Their book [has] a     kaleidoscopic, fast-paced rhythm that makes it engrossing reading. It   is a welcome addition to both Puerto Rican historicity and to     American ethnological literature.”— The New York Times

“An excellent ‘documentary history’ of Puerto Rico, its problems, present status, tensions, and prospects.”— The Nation

“A pleasure to read. Each page provides a fresh glimpse into the unfolding story of a people. The book captures the human and personal component of sweeping historical changes.”
— International Migration Review

Olga Jiménez de Wagenheim, Rutgers University, is the author of Puerto Rico: An Interpretive History from Pre-Columbian Times to 1900 and Puerto Rico’s Revolt for Independence: El Grito de Lares (both available from Markus Wiener).

Kal Wagenheim, School of Journalism, Columbia University, was a New York Times correspondent in San Juan and is the author and translator of numerous books on Puerto Rico, including Puerto Rico: A Profile.

Luis Martînez-Fernandez, University of Central Florida, is the author of numerous books, including Frontiers, Plantations, and Walled Cities: Essays on Society, Culture, and Politics in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1800-1945.