International Guide to Accounting Journals: Second Enlarged Edition

This volume is the most comprehensive national and international guide to accounting journals available. It is an indispensable directory for researchers who are looking for publication possibilities or for sources and an extraordinary reference book for librarians. It covers about 300 journals in the United States and over 150 in 33 other countries. Journals abroad included in this book are those published in English (or those that accept manuscripts in English for translation) as well as in other languages.

Information provided for each journal includes:

  • General information, such as editors, publisher, sponsoring organization(s), addresses, readership, frequency of publication, circulation, etc.
  • Classification of the journal as primarily academic or professional.
  • Indication of the portion of the journal devoted to each sub-area of accounting, such as financial, managerial, tax, auditing, etc.
  • Information about the sections of the journal for which unsolicited contributions are accepted, such as Main Feature Articles or Comments, and/or how to get commissioned to write for the journal.
  • Editorial policy and style requirement for each section.
  • Submission fees or honoraria for published articles.
  • Review process employed by the journal, the rate of acceptance, the usual time taken in making the publication decision and the time between the decision and the publication of the accepted article.
  • Languages in which articles are published and/or manuscripts considered.


J. David Spiceland is professor of accounting at the University of Memphis. Dr. Spiceland is the author of a textbook and numerous articles for academic and professional journals, as well as the first edition of The Directory of Dissertations in Accounting.

Surendra Agrawal is a professor of accounting at the Fogelman College of Business, Memphis State University.