The Dominican Republic: A National History (Second Updated and Enlarged Edition)

“This book is excellent.”
— Junot Diaz, in the New York Times Book Review

“Frank Moya Pons is the best-known contemporary Dominican historian. The author of many books and articles, he is a recognized scholar both at home and abroad. This book is based on his well-known Manual de historia dominicana (1992), now in its tenth edition and considered a basic text in Dominican historiography. But his new book is more than a simple translation of the old classic; it is a revised and expanded edition, with new sections, detailed historical maps, and a comprehensive bibliographic essay.”
— Hispanic American Historical Review


Frank Moya Pons, former Research Director at CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, is the author of twenty books. He has also taught at Columbia University, the University of Florida, and at universities in the Dominican Republic. He also was Secretary of Environmental Affairs of the Dominican Republic. He is also the author of The History of the Caribbean, and a major contributor to Dominican Cultures: the Making of a Caribbean Society.