Problems in the History of Modern Africa (Vol. III in the Problems in African History Series)

This work continues the saga begun in the first two volumes of the Problems in African History series, Problems in African History: The Precolonial Centuries and Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (both also available from Markus Wiener). With this sweeping examination of modern Africa’s challenges, Robert O. Collins brings the reader through post-colonial Africa to the present day. The book features commentary on such diverse topics as decolonization, environmentalism, HIV and healthcare, development and the tragedy of civil war.

Robert O. Collins, editor was a professor of history at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the author of Shadow in the Grass: Britain in the Southern Sudan, 1919-1956 and The Waters of the Nile: Hydropolitics and the Jonglei Canal, 1900-1988 (available from Markus Wiener), as well as 24 other books.