Political Words and Ideas in Islam

This book brings together 11 essays on Islamic political thought by Bernard Lewis, the acknowledged doyen of Middle Eastern studies. Few historians have garnered such a broad audience as Lewis, whose works are widely read by scholars, politicians, journalists, and the general public.

This latest collection of essays is replete with the incisive historical insight for which Lewis is known. With erudition, eloquence, and wit, he provides a focused treatment of fundamental Islamic political terms that is at once thoughtful and provocative. The essays provide the background that is essential to understanding the Islamic civilization, and consequently, the troubled history of its relations with the West.

Bernard Lewis, of Princeton University, is one of the most prominent experts on the Middle East. With Stanley Burstein, he is the co-editor of Land of Enchanters: Egyptian Short Stories from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (also available from Markus Wiener).