Islands of the Ottoman Empire

Islands of the Ottoman EmpireThe Ottoman Empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. It included islands such as Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, and many smaller ones in the Aegean, Adriatic, and Black Seas. These islands were its frontiers, and many of the battles against Christian enemies were fought here; they were also bridges to the outside world beyond the empire. They were often fortified by magnificent castles, and sometimes served as bases for corsairs. The chapters deal with significant events in naval history, collective punishments by invaders, and many aspects of economic and cultural life on the islands.

Antonis Hadjikyriacou, editor is Assistant Professor of Early Modern Ottoman and Mediterranean History at Boğaziçi University, Turkey. He has been a Mary Seeger-O’ Boyle Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University and Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Foundation for Research and Technology—Hellas. His teaching and research interests include Ottoman social and economic history, environmental and climate history, spatial history, and historical GIS.