Cuentos: Stories from Puerto Rico (Bilingual)

Cuentos is a bilingual anthology of twelve short stories, many of which appeared in the 1960s in the English-language magazine The San Juan Review, co-founded by Kal Wagenheim and Augusto Font. Written by six of Puerto Rico’s leading writers, the themes vary in time from the 16th-century Spanish conquest to the migration of Puerto Ricans to the United States. Each story is published in both English and the original Spanish. Sometimes sad and sometimes hilariously comic, these stories represent in many respects an authentic voice of the Puerto Rican people.


Kal Wagenheim, editor, is a journalist, the author of numerous plays and screenplays, and the author or translator of eight books. (For a full list of his works published by Markus Wiener, click here.) He is editor of the Caribbean Update newsletter, was a New York Times correspondent in San Juan, and is the author and translator of several books on Puerto Rico.