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African Identity in Asia: Cultural Effects of Forced Migration
Jayasuriya, Shihan de Silva

Subject: Africa, Asia, History of Slavery

In contrast to the dispersion of slaves across the Atlantic, African movement to Asia has received scant attention because forced migrations across the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, which endured for centuries, were not part of a significant economic network.

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Nationalist Heroines: Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s
Jiménez de Wagenheim, Olga

Subject: Puerto Rican History, US History, Women's History, Caribbean History

From the moment the United States seized Puerto Rico, in 1898, to the 1950s, the islanders employed various forms of resistance to the imposition of American colonial rule. A group of Nationalists led by Pedro Albizu Campos made it clear …

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The White Minority in the Caribbean
Johnson, Howard and Karl Watson

Subject: Caribbean

This collection of essays by historians, anthropologists and political scientists locates a discussion of the white minority in the Caribbean within the mainstream of the social science literature on the region. This is especially important because white minorities — particularly …

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Human Drama Series, Volumes I through IV
Johnson, Jean and Donald Johnson

Subject: Text Books, World History

In this four-part series, the authors present the development of humankind across cultures and economies, in a global manner from ancient times on, as a gigantic drama played out with the cradles of civilization as the stage. The past involves …

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The History of a Slave
Johnston, H. H. (edited by Paul E. Lovejoy)

Subject: Africa, History of Slavery

In 1889, the British colonial official Sir Harry Johnston published The History of a Slave, a story of an archetypal slave based on Johnston’s extensive knowledge of North and West Africa from his travels there. The tale follows the fictitious …

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